"Wow, That's Funny!"

The Concept
A competition of wit. We take the concept of the Goodie Grab Bag to the next degree and combine multiple people's quips into one ├╝ber Goodie Grab Bag. The Grab Bag will be hosted by different websites depending on the issue.

The Players
Originated by Pixelation, Seth, and Aeger in early October 2005. The tentative limit of total submissions is 26, for it seems as if any more would be cumbersome. Other people, however, are encouraged to submit their own quips and volunteer to host the carnival if so desired. Submissions are gladly accepted at submissions@pixcapacitor.com (please write "WTF Carnival" on the subject line).

The Rules
Somewhat simple, but necessary:
  1. The submissions must be your own original thoughts or those of people you personally know who won't sue. A general rule of thumb for this is that the joke belongs to the first person to realize it was funny.
  2. No submissions must be previously printed in Goodie Grab Bags or nationally syndicated magazines. Everything must be no older than six months since you first thought it up.
  3. There is a 40 word limit for each prosaic witticism and an 80 word limit for all dialogue-centered/poetic witticisms.
  4. A limit of 6 submissions per Grab Bag will be enforced. Any after #6 will be ignored.
  5. Anybody who loads the vote by commenting on himself anonymously will be a sad, sad human.

The Deadline
Presently, WTF! Carnival is a monthly affair, published on the last day of any given month. The deadline for submissions, then, is the 25th.

The Hosting
October -- A Pixelated Mind
November -- Quailitude Dot Com
December -- Spoiled Honey
January -- Kingdom of Heathen
February -- Borderland... Homeland... Wasteland...
March -- Hindustan without the Hindu
April -- Kingdom of Heathen
May -- Spoiled Honey (not up yet).
June -- We need a host!

(submissions@pixcapacitor.com again, but this time with "WTF Carnival Hosting" in the subject line).

The Winners
The audience will vote via the only respectable way: commenting. In the comments, the audience will state which two or three quips were funniest. Whoever's quips get the most laughs will 'win' that particular edition and will get bragging rights for an entire month as well as several other metaphysical (free) benefits.

WTF! #1 -- Aeger with 3 votes for G.
WTF! #2 -- Seth with 3 votes for R.
WTF! #3 -- Aeger with 6 votes for V.
WTF! #4 -- A three way tie, with two votes each for B, F and M.
WTF! #5 -- Pixel with 2 votes for L.
WTF! #6 -- Seth with 5 votes for K.
WTF! #7 -- Aether with 2 vote for V

The Badge

(by Sethular)

The edges somehow got clipped when I put the image into the html, but I think it still looks good. To copy it into your respective blog, copy/paste the following html, and remove the asterisks.

<*a href="http://wtfcarnival.blogspot.com">
<*img src="http://static.flickr.com/26/52851612_5ecccb69ac_s.jpg" width="75" height="75" border="10"><*/a>


Blogger Advocate of the Browns said...

"Hey Rohan, you're Muslim. Help me out!"

Christians, they're whats for dinner.

Die you Santa Claus... Die!

Am i allowed to post the lyrics to a song that was made as a joke to make fun of something? I sincerely doubt that said songwriter would sue but would probably want to get the song out there.

1:29 PM  
Blogger Enil Edam said...

Okay, idea...

How about we actually post the WTF carnivals in the WTF blog?

Wouldn't that make a bit more sense?

5:19 AM  
Blogger Pixelation said...

You, my lady, may have a point. I'm pretty sure we thought of that before, but opted out of it because a rotating carnival would bring in more people. We might end up hosting here should it prove a better solution later.

... but if we did, where would we host the information?

5:31 PM  

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